June 22, 2017 (Thursday)  Time: 9:30 a.m. – noon

Location: Booth Hall – Lewiston High School

1114 9th Avenue, Lewiston, ID

Hot Shot / Free Throw Basketball



  • Free Throw
  • Hot Shot
  • Free Throw

  • Each contestant will shoot 25 free throws and will earn 1 point for each basket made.
  • At the start of each competition, participants are allowed 2 practice shots. If one of those shots is made, the participant has the option of starting with that shot.
  • Hot Shot

  • Each contestant will be allowed two, 2-minute rounds to make as many baskets as possible from any of the 5 designated spots.
  • Competition will start under the basket in a lay-up position.
  • Each basket is worth 1 to 5 points, depending on the position from which it was taken.
  • The five positions are:
  • top of the key (5 points)
  • free throw line (4 points)
  • 12-ft shot off key on left (3 points)
  • 7-ft shot up the key on right (2 points)
  • lay-up (1 point)
  • Consecutive shots are allowed from any position except the lay-up position.
  • A 15-point bonus will be awarded if a shooter attempts a shot from each one of the designated spots during a round. This bonus is awarded only once per 2-minute round.
  • The best single-round score will determine the final score.
    Contestants must rebound their own shots.

Sport Coordinator:  Coordinator needed – Interested?  Contact Cathy Robinson @ 208-746-7787