JUNE 22, 2017 (THURSDAY) 12:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Hells Gate State Park
5100 Hells Gate Rd.
Lewiston, ID

Hells Gate State Park website and information

Sports Coordinator: George Dekan, (509) 552-3042

Events: Traditional and Compound Bow Shooting

Divisions: Singles- 5 year age brackets for men and women. Any level of experience welcome!

Medals: Medals will be awarded to the top three shooters in each age group.

Format and Rules: Archers must provide their own bows and target arrows. The ‘900’ American round will be used.

Competition will consist of 90 arrows shot as follows: 30 arrows from 60 yard, 30 arrows from 50 yards, and 30 arrows from 40 yards. Arrows will normally be shot in six arrow ends. Each end will consist of one set of six arrows with five minutes allowed for each end to be shot.

There will be two classes:
1. Barebow Recurve or Long Bow – no sights
2. Compound with sights.