Disc Golf

June 21, 2018

4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.  Instructional clinic
4:45 p.m.                       Event Start


Sunset Park  2602 11th Ave.  Lewiston, ID  83501


Mike Spears                        208-413-2775
Kris                                      208-305-6542


Click here for a map of the disc golf course at Sunset Park

Event:  Doubles – 18 hole

Rules: (adapted from PDGA)

Shotgun start (listen for the air horn)

Teams are expected to “referee each other”

2nd line of officiating is the tee monitors

If a decision/ruling is disputed, the tournament coordinators will assess the situation by interviewing and will make a command decision in the interest of competition.

Penalties will be given in warning or penalty stroke format.

  1.  Best shot taken (drive, approach, and put)
  2. Each player must take a minimum of two drives per 9 hole round of golf.
  3. Driving: during a drive a point of contact (foot must remain in contact with tee pad until a full release of the disk has been accomplished.  The player may then carry through their drive.
  4. Driving order will be first determined by registration order and then by a competition friendly “ready golf”.
  5. After the drive, prior to picking up the discs, a team must declare what disc they are taking to the opposing team and if necessary, the pin official.
  6. After declaring what best shot disc is declared, a marker disc must be placed in front of the the thrown declared disc in line with the pin.  The new lie is now considered the back edge of the marker disc toward the pin.
  7. The throwing order is now determined by “furthest from the pin”.  Both players will throw their disc and then the better lie team will complete their throws.
  8. Anything 33′ or closer is considered a “putt”.  All putts don’t allow for follow through and player’s points of contact must remain in contact through the throw.  (33′ measuring cords are provided at each hole tied to the base of the pole.)  Players should check themselves if within questioning distance of 33′.  The opposing team can request a measurement anytime.
  9. To chain out, a player must throw or swing disc without leaving points of contact (and make contact with the chains or disc come to rest in the bucket).
  10. Upon moving to the tee, the teams shall declare their score to the opposing team and the tee official.  If there is any dispute about scores, it must be declared immediately within 3 seconds and brought to the tee official’s attention so that it can be reviewed.
  11. Roads are out of bounds.  Player will be assessed a stroke penalty.  The disc will be considered back to where it went out of bounds.  (If chosen best shot.)
  12. Other “out of disc golf course” areas are also a stroke penalty.  These include baseball fields, basketball courts, pickleball courts, playground (things designated for other activities other than disc golf.)
  13. Lost discs:  players will be given a time limit of 3 minutes to find and secure their discs.  Then play must continue.
  14. Discs that come to rest above the playing surface:  Discs 8′ and below will be placed for play directly below the playing surface without a penalty.  Discs above 8′ will be considered out of bounds and be assessed a stroke penalty.
  15. Only 1 disc per player can be thrown per turn.  (no second chump shots for extra practice)
  16. At the conclusion of the 9th hole, teams will be reassigned to play with an opposing team above or below them in competing order (leading team playing with 2nd place team).
  17. A 30 minute intermission will occur after the 1st 9 holes to provide for a break and logistics of re-arranging teams and scoreboard.

Other information you need to know:


Players should not throw until they are certain that the thrown disc will not distract another player or potentially injure anyone present.  Players should watch the other members of their group throw in order to aid in locating errant throws and to ensure compliance with the rules.

Please make sure any trash you may produce while playing, is disposed of in a garbage can located on the course.

Alcohol is not permitted in City Parks without a permit.  Any player caught using alcohol during play will be removed from the tournament with no refund.

Cell phone will not be permitted during play.  They may be used prior to, following the front 9, and following the completion of the full 18 holes.  Same pertains to any playoff situation (allowed only before and afterwards).

Order of Play:

Teeing order on the first teeing area is determined by the order in which the scorecards were filled out.  Teeing order on the following tees is determined by the scores on the previous hole, with the lowest score throwing first, and so on.

After all players have teed off, the player farthest from the hole throws first.

During tournament play, no team may play through the group ahead.

Disc above the Playing Surface:

If a disc comes to rest above the playing surface in a tree or other obstacle on the course, its lie shall be marked on the playing surface directly below it.

Under 8′ = No Penalty
Above 8″= 1 Penalty

Out of Bound Play:

Playing an out-of-bounds disc as if it were in-bounds (out-of-bounds is any area outside of the park or other area described above in #12 of the rules).  If the misplay is discovered after the throw from out-of-bounds, but before a subsequent throw has been made, the player shall throw from the correct lie and treat the throw from out-of-bounds as a practice throw.  (one throw added to the players score).  If the misplay is discovered after a subsequent throw, the player shall proceed to complete the hole and receive a two-throw penalty for the misplay.

If the disc leaves the playing area, the player throwing the disc will be assessed a one-throw penalty and will be allowed to (1) take their next throw from where the disc left the playing area or (2) take their next throw from the spot of the previous throw.

General Tournament Play

All other PDGA rules apply to tournament play.  Tournament officials will be available to answer questions from players and will have access to the “Official Rules of Disc Golf” (produced by the PDGA) for reference.